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In today’s society we are a people of constant movement. Whether it’s going to the grocery store or driving to your lake house or flying to Germany for a business trip, we are always moving. So when you hear the phrase ‘global traffic mapping’ what do you think of? Maybe road traffic comes to mind, maybe web traffic comes to mind. If you search this phrase on the internet the first result is for web traffic followed by voice traffic and finally, eight results down, the first road traffic result. Results for other types of traffic, such as boats, planes, trains, etc. could not be found. It seems the concept of Global Traffic Mapping is a new one. Essentially, it’s what it sounds like, a map that tracks all movement. We are not talking about social movements, immigration/emigration patterns over time, or movements of civilizations. We are talking about a map that can track peoples movements in real time.

Some companies use an idea similar to this in order to track traffic flows on streets. What we are talking about includes that, but takes it to a global scale. Imagine anonymously transmitting your location from your phone and being apart of a live map of millions of other people who are doing the same. You could zoom in on an area and see dots moving around. The dots are people in cars, people walking, people taking boat rides, even now with wifi on planes people flying. What you would have is a map of worldwide movement or a Global Traffic Map.

The data one could collect from such a map would be endless; traffic flows on streets, realtime freight ship routes,  and could even show the efficiency of public transportation. The conclusions drawn from such a tool could increase efficiency in area of our lives that were, before, impossible. Also, on a more whimsical note, it could be a fun way of showing someone where you are. Imagine looking on a map after your loved one takes off for a trip and see their route until they land. Relating to social media, instead of “checking in”, you will be checked in. 

We are working toward such a map. This is something we are hoping to accomplish in order to improve your lives and hopefully you will help us too.

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