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In this day and age it’s very common to  keep your portable device strapped to your hip at all times. People seem to always be listening, sharing, or connecting,  at every moment possible. Some say it hinders us and others say it keeps us more connected to the people we love. Whether you agree  or disagree with technologies forward progression and dependence on technology, it seems inevitable. Every generation thus far has been moving toward a singular era. An era different from before, one in which convenience is king, the Era of Convenience.

In this new era we as a people resemble the stereotypical lost sheep more than ever. If we lose our phones we struggle to get around, communicate, and even do simple daily tasks. One way that realizes this stereotype is the use of maps. The days of looking at a paper map or a metro map are long gone. Now it’s digital maps on  your phone that tell you where you need to go. This rapid progression and dependance on digital maps presents a bit of a problem. What happens when your only source of direction becomes compromised? With spotty internet connections these days, due to phone companies cutting corners on internet infrastructure, this happens all to often.

In recent years there has been an emergence of offline maps. These applications, similar to those of google and apple, are not dependent on internet.  They offer the user reliability where ever they choose to go, whether it be on a hike in the middle of the mountains, on an exotic adventure to a new place, or even just as cheap alternative to the data and power sucking alternative. Just like with any new idea, the beginning is crude and rough. With time, however, that which was once crude becomes fine and elegant. Similarly, the beginning offline maps were basic compared with their online counterparts. Now, we are seeing new  technologies that allow for elegant and smooth mapping interfaces with out the worry of internet. Hopefully users will become more aware of these apps and become less dependent on internet for their needs.

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