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Our new release is out and we’ve implemented many things which you have told us are very important. Thank you for making our application better and for pointing out our mistakes. Keep doing what you do, we love it and appreciate it.

Some quick technical updates for you:

The main visual differences is: new style and prioritized POIs(points of interest) on the map. Also a map projection was fixed.

Before Now
IMG_2405 IMG_3298IMG_3299
Points of Interest
IMG_2424 IMG_3301IMG_3302
The projection fixes
IMG_3304 IMG_3051
IMG_2414 IMG_3303

We also fixed some maps for Africa.

Again, your feedback is very important to us. Every piece of feedback goes straight back into helping improve the next version.

Install/Update kMaps now, share your experiences and impressions with your friends, and don’t hesitate to review the app on the AppStore or send some feedback to support@kmaps.co

We would like to give a special thanks to Ralph Hill, Abel La O Fernandez and Bonnie MacPherson. You have contributed great  feedback which has lead to this improved this release. Thanks!

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